Education of future engineers is a central subject of the universities and institutions of the Water Research Center.

The infrastructure of the universities like seminar rooms, the facilities of the WFZ like experimental halls and laboratories and the intellectual potential of the staff enables the WFZ to provide aimed education. With regard to the training courses and seminars, participants of the WFZ can draw on a great wealth of experience. We can offer possibilities of education and further education upon request.

The close contacts to industry, including those through the advisory board of WFZ, lead to target-oriented actions which, on the one hand, are groundbreaking and employ the latest advances of research and engineering. On the other hand, they are also very practical and based on the needs of the industrial partners and local authorities.

In the field of education, we currently participate in project Nassy, which provides events in the subject of water for pupils of class 7-10 to arouse and deepen their interest in water related problems. This program offers holiday camps and small group experiments in laboratories which attract great interest. It was so convincing that "NASSY" won a prize at the junior competition "Energie für Bildung" of GasVersorgung Süddeutschland (GVS).


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