The Water Research Center, as a center of excellence in water supply and with its connections to the departments of the University of Stuttgart, has competencies in the following three areas.

Because of the university background  and structural requirements, all three areas are served equally.



Due to our connections with departments focused on Water at the University of Stuttgart, we have an all encompassing  knowledgebase making further research of natural and anthropogenic water cycles possible. Thereby, water can be considered from a molecular level to a worldwide climate model.



We provide education at the university through the German courses Umweltschutztechnik and Bauingeneurwesen, also through the international master courses WAREM, WASTE, MIP and of post graduate students (ENWAT). We also provide further non-university  education through national and international courses.


Opinions and Advice

The knowledge of tomorrow is generated at the universities. With the scientific background of our departments, we can create expert reports and offer consulting.

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