Teaching and research treatment plant (LFKW)

The LFKW combines the proper cleaning of flowing wastewater from the city of Stuttgart-Büsnau and the campus of the University of Stuttgart with research in the area of municipal wastewater. Through the use of additional plots, technical measuring workshops and laboratories, great space and flexibility are provided which can be used by the inquiring minds of the scientific staff of the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality, and Solid Waste Management. Therefore, industrial scale experiments in wastewater treatment can be conducted in unique conditions. This facility is the only one of its type in Europe, if not the world.

versuchshalle The Research Facilities of ISWA and IWS

The research facilities of the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management (ISWA) and the Institute for Hydraulics (IWS) enable laboratory, semi, and industrial scaled experiments to be performed. 


KKA_004 Testing Center for the practical testing of small wastewater treatment plants

On the site of the Institute for Sanitary Engineering, Water Quality and Solid Waste Management stand four test fields to review the cleaning performance of small wastewater treatment plants. The German Institute of Construction Technology (DIBt) approved test field was accredited in 2008 and is one of three approved testing sites in Germany.


cluster Computer Cluster

There are 56 processors in the Institute for Hydraulics that form an interconnected parallel mainframe which makes it possible to run complex simulation software. Thus, this mainframe can calculate climate models with a variety of parameters.


multimedialab Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab (MML) is used by all for Tele-teaching. Cooperation with international institutes in South Africa, Japan, and the USA allows knowledge transfer over German borders to take place. Through this transfer of knowledge, closer ties with many institutes worldwide are possible which allows the Stuttgart area to be known not only as a hub for the German economy but also for sustainability.


labor1 Laboratories of ISWA and IWS

The laboratories of ISWA and IWS make a variety of analyses possible which would otherwise be very difficult due to uncertainties (changes in collected samples from extensive transport). The fast analyses of samples are simultaneously associated with permanent contact from the competent staff of each respective project, which assures a reliable and scientifically sound conclusion for each project.